Digital Strategy

A good digital strategy must not be isolated from the overall business strategy. By separating actions in communication, marketing, sales, customer service, etc. you can lose coherence and watering down the brand.

Therefore, the strategy is fundamental to define our actions in Content Marketing, Social Media, Online Advertising, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization and everything we do using digital channels.

Working without strategy is like running without knowing which way is the finish line.

estrategia digital

To understand customer needs and translate them into coherent strategies, we know that we must not only master the tools and know how to execute actions; but it is essential to know in depth the business of each of our clients.


In the startup phase, before designing the roadmap of actions it is fundamental to:

  • Define objectives
  • Recognize customer profiles
  • Define the Value Proposition of the brand
  • Identify metrics to measure results
  • Audit online channels
  • Analyze competition


In DiConsul we accompany you in designing an online Marketing Strategy aligned with your business goals, which is essential to achieve success in the digital realm.